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We are creating a next-generation platform
for the asset management market.



The first digital asset management project
manager in Cambodia and Southeast Asia
It is a project that secures the stability and transparency of digital assets based on external public trust and reliability. It is a business model that can realize investment value for all investors through blockchain & real estate development projects.


LOW Risk
HIGH Return

It is a business that will enable the realization of low risk and high return,
the first principle of digital asset management.

Our Vision

It forms an ecosystem with virtual assets by expanding the use of the real economy.

As the first digital asset management project in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, it is a project that has secured the stability and transparency of digital assets based on the public trust and credibility of the management company. It is a business that can realize the investment value of all investors through the implementation of blockchain & real estate development projects with substance and trust.

Endless possibilities start in Cambodia.

As a country with the youngest population in Southeast Asia, we open up a global future that connects diverse possibilities in Cambodia, which is rapidly growing and showing endless possibilities with a young workforce that reads the latest trends and rapid times.


CEO Greetings

will be a global company started in Cambodia.

Based on the trust built up in Cambodia over a long period of time, we will cooperate with the government to show remarkable growth in various areas such as digital asset management and real estate development business. In addition, The Hill PAYCAM is emerging as a leading company in the Southeast Asian market leading Cambodia by conducting the blockchain service business, which is the core area of the 4th industry. We will become The Hill PAYCAM, the center of Southeast Asia where tomorrow is expected.






Real Estate Development Business


Real Estate Development Business
Kingdom Of State
Kingdom of State is Cambodia's first landmark project. Kingdom of State, a residential complex to be built in major cities and tourist destinations in Cambodia, will be reborn as a brand representing tourism and residential complexes as another existing skyscraper and landmark in Cambodia.
Golf Course Complex Resort


Golf Course Complex Resort
The Hill Lake CC
The Hill Lake CC is a high-end golf course complex resort business that applies the metaverse, NFT, and IOT of the Teva project. It is a large-scale urban development project in response to the growth of demand for Phnom Penh golf clubs and tourism infrastructure. This will be a high-end complex resort including a luxury hotel, duty-free shop, water park, and clubhouse.
Blockchain Service


Blockchain Service
Blockchain Technology
We plan to provide a variety of blockchain services, such as a decentralized exchange (DEX) that will form an NFT, game, and TEBAh service ecosystem using Metaverse, a real-name account authentication cryptocurrency exchange, and mainnet. These businesses, based on a license granted by the Cambodian government, will become a key ecosystem for digital financial asset management.
Digital Asset Management Business


Digital Asset Management Business
TEBAh Project
The TEBAh project builds a system that improves the problems of the online global digital asset management market. In addition, to guarantee development returns for all investors by directly connecting development and investment to the real economy, we implement a blockchain and metaverse ecosystem to link services with the world's first integrated resort and country club.

TEBAh Service

TEBAh Service

TEBAh Service
  • Supports TEB, PLP, BTC, USDT, ETH

    Supports TEB, PLP,

  • PLP, TEB Payment System

    PLP, TEB
    Payment System

  • TEB Staking Reward System

    TEB Staking
    Reward System

  • Purchasing PAYCAM Lotto

    PAYCAM Lotto

  • METAVERSE, NFT Service

    NFT Service

  • Centralized Exchange & STO Exchange

    Centralized Exchange
    & STO Exchange



  • 2022. 04. ~ 07.

    • TEBAh Project Grand Open
      - TEBAh App Ver.1.0 Release(05.)
      - TEBAh APP Ver.2.0 Release(09.)
  • 2022. 08. ~ 11.

    • International Competition(08.) / International Competition for the Chosun Palace Sihanoukville Hotel
    • Announcement of winning entries in international competitions, Press Release(distribution of press releases)
    • Design contract(10.)
    • Chosun Palace Hotel Investment Consultation(11.)
    • TEBAh App Ver.3.0 Release(11.)
      - Land Swap Open(DEX)
      - X-Summit Open(Centralized Exchange)
  • 2023. 01. ~ 04.

    • TEBAh APP ver.4.0 Release(02.)
    • Acquisition of X-Summit Exchange STO exchange license(02.)
    • Constructor bidding project(01.)
    • Constructor Select(02.)
    • Constructor contract(03.)
    • PF contract(03.)
    • Groundbreaking ceremony(04.)
  • 2023. 05. ~ 12.

    • Hotel Josun Palace investment contract(05.)
    • Village distributing business(05.)
    • Hotel membership distributing business(05.)
    • Release TEBAh App Ver 5.0(06)
    • Other investment discussions and agreements
  • 2024. 10. ~ 12.

    • Opening of 1st village(12.)
  • 2025. 01. ~ 10.

    • Opening Casino(06.)
    • Opening Complex Shopping Mall(07.)
    • Opening Water Park(07.)
    • Grand opening of Chosun Palace Sihanoukville Hotel(10.)


Token Information

Token Issuance Plan
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Tebah Token Symbol TEB
Technology Based BEP-20 Total Issuance 5,000,000,000 TEB
토큰 발행 계획
Token Name Tebah
Token Symbol TEB
Technology Based BEP-20
Total Issuance 5,000,000,000 TEB
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
Category Item Quantity Unit Lock up Rate(%)
TEAM Advisor 300,000,000 TEB 12 Months 6%
Development 300,000,000 TEB 12 Months 6%
Subtotal 600,000,000 TEB 12%
Incentive Community 250,000,000 TEB 8 Months 5%
Marketing(airdrop) 200,000,000 TEB - 4%
Subtotal 450,000,000 TEB 9%
Distribution Market
2,500,000,000 TEB 50%
Subtotal 2,500,000,000 TEB 50%
Foundation Reserve 1,10,000,000 TEB - 22%
Founder 350,000,000 TEB 12 Months 7%
Subtotal 1,450,000,000 TEB 29%
Total 5,000,000,000 TEB 100%

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